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Your Products
Are Only As Sustainable
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Protect Your Products, Your Profits, and Your Planet with
Rapid Bander
, Rapid Roper, and Rapid Roper Plus
Sustainable Load Containment Systems

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Introducing Rapid Bander, Rapid Roper, and Rapid Roper Plus


Key Applications

Typical Applications

If your shipments are heavy, unstable, valuable, or costly to remediate, Rapid Bander can minimize the economic and environmental costs of load failures. In the Ag or Dairy industry? Check out Rapid Roper and Rapid Roper Plus! You can also view video demonstrations and review recent case studies

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The RAPID BANDER®, RAPID ROPER® and RAPID ROPER PLUS™ sustainable containment systems deliver stronger, more stable loads by overcoming the #1 problem related to stretch wrap: web breaks. This is accomplished by attaching a simple add-on to your current pallet wrap equipment and applying our proprietary RAPID FILM® Ultra Strength Sustainable Containment Film.

The result is a unique criss-cross web that binds the load to the pallet and provides 200-300% more containment force than traditional stretch wrap.

There is no capital investment required!


Both systems significantly reduce the economic and environmental costs per pallet vs. standard stretch film. In fact, Rapid Bander was recently named a Finalist in the SPC's 2020 Innovator Awards, thanks to its ability to enhance the sustainability of load containment activities.


Rapid Bander: Heavy, Unstable, High-Value Loads

The Rapid Bander Sustainable Load containment System is specifically designed for challenging shipments that are heavy, unstable, valuable, or costly to remediate in the event of load failures. Applications include boxes, bottles, buckets, pails, drums, cans, sacks, and bags.

Rapid Roper and Rapid Roper Plus:
Foods That Require Ventilation

The Rapid Roper and Rapid Roper Plus Sustainable Ventilated Containment Systems are designed to optimize the handling of fresh produce and other products requiring ventilation. The Systems provide outstanding load containment while maintaining air flow.


Both offer all of the functional, economic, and environmental benefits of Rapid Bander. Plus, they can further lower economic and environmental costs by reducing or eliminating excess wrap, cornerboards, and strapping.

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Rapid Bander/Rapid Roper eliminate web breaks, the #1 source of stretch wrap-related load failure.

Rapid Bander applying Rapid Film Ultra-Strength Sustainable Stretch Film

Rapid Bander forms a high strength, laminated wrapping web that is resistant to punctures and tears which cause highly disruptive web breaks.


Rapid Roper reduces both the economic and environmental costs associated with shipping fresh produce and other perishables.

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            you need Rapid Bander...                       or Rapid Roper/Rapid Roper Plus.


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