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How do you maximize load containment and minimize stretch film usage and waste, all while lowering the cost per pallet wrapped?

This is the problem we set out to solve when inventing the RAPID BANDER Sustainable Load Containment System and then the RAPID ROPER and RAPID ROPER PLUS Sustainable Ventilated Containment Systems.

First, our technical film engineers developed the right combination of resins and created a multi-layer film structure that withstands maximum pre-stretch levels.


We married this film with a second, split roll
of film, knowing that the rolled edge neck-down from the split roll segments would increase the strength of the film while making promulgation of punctures or tears virtually impossible.


The proprietary film we developed, RAPID FILM® Ultra-Strength Sustainable Stretch Film, also provides the high levels of clarity needed for easy scanning and inspection.

Next, we developed the Rapid Bander device: A patented, lightweight aircraft aluminum attachment that is quickly installed on multiple types of stretch wrap equipment, and allows the two rolls to laminate together, forming a highly reinforced containment web.

High Clarity Rapid Film applied by Rapid Bander to beverage pallets

Rapid Film provides unsurpassed strength, stretch, and clarity for most load containment applications.

Finally, through rigorous testing, we determined the exact combination of total on-pallet applied stretch and wrap configuration needed to achieve maximum containment, minimal waste, and optimum cost effectiveness.

Please note that we've developed two specialized versions of our system for agricultural and refrigerated products. Known as RAPID ROPER and RAPID ROPER PLUS, they provide both the containment strength and breathability needed to ensure a sustainable journey from farm to fork or forest to nursery.

We would be happy to visit your facilities to see how we can help you improve product protection while reducing economic and environmental costs. We'd also be happy to show you around our RAPID LAB Advanced Technology Containment Lab.

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