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Rapid Film® Sustainable Ultra Strength Stretch Film is a proprietary, engineered film that delivers more load containment with less material, less cost per pallet, less material use, less greenhouse gas generation, and less waste. It can also be recycled back into film for use in bags, sacks, and other films.

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Rapid Film Logo -300dpi.jpg

Rapid Film reduces material used per pallet by 40-60%.


​Advantages Versus Standard Stretch Film


  • Maximizes film stretch to prevent load shifting during transit. Rapid Film provides unmatched of levels of pre-stretch (up to 300%), eliminating web breaks.

  • Provides 2-3 times greater load containment than traditional films, without crushing products.

  • Wrapping web resists punctures and tears, and secures products
    to the pallet, preventing load shifting.


  • High clarity makes loads easy to identify and inspect.

  • Reduces cost of stretch film per pallet
    by 25%, material use by 40% to 60%.


  • Load shifting resistance may allow
    for reduction or elimination of cornerboards, strapping, tier sheets.

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