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Maximizes Ventilated Load Protection.
Minimizes Economic & Environmental Costs.

Eliminates Cornerboards & Strapping.

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The RAPID ROPER PLUS™ Next Generation Ventilated Load Containment System provides superior containment for fresh produce and other products requiring ventilation. By eliminating the need for cornerboards and strapping while reducing stretch film usage, it also significantly reduces both the economic and environmental costs per protected pallet.

How it Works

While conventional ventilated agricultural packaging typically involves a single 20” roll of banded film narrowed to a single band width of 6-8”, Rapid Roper Plus technology utilizes two 30” rolls of triple band Rapid Film® Sustainable Ultra Strength Stretch Film


The Rapid Roper Plus mechanism narrows the bands to 3” – 4” for the outer filament and 1” –  2” for the inner filament, which are then cohesively bonded through the forces of film pre-stretch and tension. These forces also stiffen the film, and the cohesively bonded filaments more than double the containment potential of a single band

Combining the highest levels of both pre-stretch and tension minimizes secondary film stretch, which can occur when a load jostles or leans during transit.  After any secondary stretch, the film is no longer able to retract and jeopardize the load containment integrity.  

Better Performance

RAPID ROPER PLUS doubles the load containment vs. conventional wrapping and does so without cornerboards or strapping. Importantly, the system won't crush your boxes or cartons.


Better Profitability
The cost per protected pallet is significantly reduced by using less film and eliminating costly cornerboards, strapping, and related energy-intensive application processes.


Better Prevention

Significant reductions in financial costs and material use prevent unnecessary economic expenses and environmental waste.

In tests conducted on a typical apple pallet in a 500 pallet per day facility, Rapid Roper Plus achieves the following advantages versus standard ventilated protocols of stretch film, straps, and cornerboards:

  • Total applied stretch of 360% vs. 215% of conventional protocols. Further, the force to load advantage for Rapid Roper Plus was 47%.

  • 85% less material cost. Total annual financial savings including cornerboard elimination, equal $547,000 for this type of facility.

  • 95% less material use. Total weight reduction vs. typical pallet configurations is almost 808,000 pounds, or 404 tons, annually.

  • 12 film wraps vs. 19 for standard protocols, for a 37% reduction in wrap time per pallet.

  • Tilt test pass of 18 degrees vs. 12% for standard protocol. Failure was 20 degrees for Rapid Roper Plus, vs. only 12 degrees for a conventional setup.
    (See test photos on the bottom right.)


  • At least 90% reduction in greenhouse gas generation per wrapped pallet. The savings is a combination of reduced material usage and significantly enhanced throughput savings. (Two to four times more pallets can be wrapped between roll changeovers.)

  • Rapid Film is recycle-ready. Customers are currently recycling it back into industrial films used for wraps and bags. Thus, non-recyclable palletizing materials can be eliminated, further reducing landfill waste and related disposal costs.

Apples for RR Plus.jpg
Load containment, protection, and breathability
without cornerboards or strapping.
1 2021-10-25 Wrapping Web 3-Retouched by Bob.jpg
Unique, cohesively bonded, cris-cross web.
Conventional Ventilated
Load Packaging System
with Cornerboards, Strapping
and Stretch Wrap
Rapid Roper Plus System
without Cornerboards
or Strapping
Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 8.22.28 AM.png
Fail at 12 degrees:
  • Columns & outside cornerboards have lifted from the pallet.
  • All cornerboards have deformed.
Pass 18-20 degrees:
  • Load lifted AS A UNIT from pallet.
  • Lifting caused slight crushing of inside box on the bottom row.

Easy to Start. Easy to Operate. Easy to Maintain.

  • There is no capital investment to implement the bolt-on system for existing stretch wrappers.

  • Free ongoing System Performance Audits are provided to maintain load containment and cost standards.

The future of ventilated load containment and protection.

Rapid Roper Plus 20220422-01.jpg

Learn More About Rapid Roper Plus

We’re ready to answer any questions, or to arrange a demo for you to see how Rapid Roper can better protect your agricultural products, your profits, and your planet.

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