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Environmental Benefits

  • Reduces per-pallet stretch film and virgin resin requirements by 40% to 60%.

  • Reduces per-pallet wrapping greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40%.

  • Rapid Film is recyclable into bags, sacks, and other film applications.

Economic Benefits

  • Reduces product and cleanup costs associated with load failures. This can be especially critical for frozen and refrigerated products.

  • Reduces costs of product replacement, freight, missed delivery dates, lost customers.

  • Greater throughput due to fewer wraps per pallet leads to faster wrap time and less equipment wear and tear, along with less energy consumption.

  • Reduces per-pallet stretch film costs by 25% or more, with no capital investment.

Social Benefits

  • Reduced roll changes and 30 to 45% lighter film rolls reduce worker strain and chances of injury.

  • Reduced load failures ensure that essential products including food, beverages, health & safety equipment, and medical devices are delivered on time and in quantity.

The Journey Continues
It’s been said many times that sustainability is a journey, not a destination. We are continually innovating and looking for additional ways to reduce the environmental impact of our products. For example:

  • We are working with carton manufacturers to leverage the superior strength of our products to potentially source reduce the amount of material in theirs. Given the weight and ubiquity of paperboard cartons, this is an exciting opportunity.

  • We are rolling out a no-cost program with customers to have their used film picked up and recycled back into film and other flexible applications.

  • We are working with our Rapid Roper customers to help them reduce the use of ancillary materials such as strapping, cornerboards, and tier sheets. The economic and environmental savings can be highly significant!

Rapid Film comparison to typical LLDPE stretch film

A typical pallet can be wrapped with 40-60% less film,
and cost 25% less, than standard stretch film.


Ensuring that our products and processes minimize material use and solid waste, along with energy consumption and greenhouse gas generation, is only part of our approach to sustainability. We also focus on the solutions that our products provide, and the value they deliver to you, throughout your supply chain.

For example, our RAPID BANDER® Sustainable Load Containment System is more cost effective and environmentally efficient than typical stretch wrap used for pallet containment. But it does more: By ensuring that your products are protected during palletizing, transportation, warehousing, and delivery, Rapid Bander reduces the potential for environmental, economic, and social damage in every link of this chain.

Sustainable thinking drives us to achieve this goal: The goods secured by the Rapid Bander System must be received in the pristine condition expected by you and your customers, and the complete journey will be made with minimal impact on the environment, the economy, and society.

Sustainable Thinking

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