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What are the primary sustainability benefits of Rapid Bander and Rapid Roper/Rapid Roper Plus?
The Rapid Bander® and Rapid Roper® Sustainable Load Containment Systems provide superior load containment and reduced load failure. Our Rapid Film® Sustainable Ultra Strength Stretch Film ensures that they do so with less virgin film and other packaging materials (cornerboard, tier sheets, strapping), reduced greenhouse gas generation, and lower cost per protected pallet than traditional stretch film.

Is Rapid Film, the stretch wrap used in the Rapid Bander System, recyclable?
Yes. Rapid Film® Ultra Strength Stretch Film waste or trim is being actively recycled back into film grade resin in our manufacturing plants. Some film manufacturers are collecting our film along with all other types of stretch wrap from distribution centers (DCs) and retailers, and in some cases recycling it for use as Post Consumer Recycled content (PCR) film. (These must be A-Grade bales – clear, no labels and no contamination.) In other cases, it is recycled and used to produce such products as poly mailing envelopes and trash bags.

What is the composition of Rapid Film?
It is linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) with a small percentage of polypropylene (PP). The PP does not negatively impact recyclability or the recycling process.

Does Rapid Film have recycled content? What about in the future?
We do not currently produce stretch film with recycled content because adding it to virgin material-based stretch wrap (e.g., 25% PCR) creates performance issues. First, the film will not function as well as film made from 100% virgin resin. (To compensate for the loss of load containment, film thickness must be increased to provide needed strength, resulting in both increased virgin and overall resin consumption.) Second, adding recycled content increases the cost per lb. of the film. The impact of both consequences is the use of considerably more plastic and higher stretch wrap material costs.

We are actively working with film and resin suppliers to bring recycled content films into the packaging supply chain. These films are in their commercial infancy and only available at a significant pricing premium.

Can you help us recycle Rapid Film?
Yes. We have relationships with major film recyclers who can pick up used film from your facility, if it is clean and does not include extraneous materials such as papers or labels. We provide this service for free, and may even be able to loan you a bailer.

Does Rapid Film have bio content? What about in the future?
We are also working with major film producers and resin suppliers to bring bio-based films into the packaging supply chain. Development of these films is still formative, with an estimated 50% pricing premium vs. currently available films. Again, we are proceeding with development and hope to have such films available by 2025.


Are you planning on producing a biodegradable version of Rapid Film?
Not at this time. Besides having functional performance disadvantages, PE-based stretch films that contain so-called biodegradable additives such as OXO are discouraged by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and possibly considered illegal in the state of California.

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